Pop Up Public Service: Banana Stand


For weeks, Sarah had been telling everyone not to buy Dole bananas because she had learned all the issues related to them. When we began the discussion of what is not available in Alfred, although there were many things, the fact that there are essentially no fair-trade organic bananas available in Alfred really stood out. So, Sarah Baumann-Digges, Jeffrey Close, Noah Heyman and I took this issue on as our public service project. We understood from the beginning we may not be able to single handedly take down Dole bananas or convince every business in Alfred to start selling organic fair-trade as this would be an unrealistic goal. A more realistic but still worthy goal would be to at the least spread awareness on the issue and make good bananas available even if only for a couple daysRead More



For this assignment, we were asked to conduct 3 interviews with people in Alfred about what is needed in Alfred. At least one of the people had to not be a student at Alfred University which proved to be a struggle because pretty much everyone I know is a student at AU. For my first interview I talked to Patsy Cowen which you can listen to here:


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Group Map Project

For this group project I worked with 4 people, Sarah, Noah, Jazmyn and Amber. Overall we worked well together; we all put in our fair share and listened to each others ideas. We were asked to create a map of Alfred’s resources using sewing materials. At first we considered doing a quilt where each square would represent and depict a place from Alfred and that place’s resources but I noticed another group planning to do this exact thing so we scrapped that idea. I then got thinking about what resources in the town are important to me and of course my mind went to the place I came here for, Harder Hall. Harder Hall has all of the resources I’m most excited about and the most unique to Alfred, so I brought this up to my group and they were all for it. Giving that we are all art students, that wasn’t a surprise.  Read More

Love Letter to Alfred

As I started thinking about where my most beloved place in Alfred is, I realized that there is not one ultimate answer to this question but rather the answer is always changing. As of right now, we are coming up on the month of February and for the area of the world, that means it’s far enough into winter that everything is pretty much frozen solid but it also means there are months more to go. It is too early to see the sun at the end of the long, cold tunnel which is Alfred winter. So, the places I that may have been in the running for my favorite places when it was still pleasant to be outside are quite literally buried under the snow and are therefore out of sight and out of the running to be the lucky receiver of my love letter. In fact, almost everywhere involves a long blustering walk in the frigid cold air, something which is just a part of my every day life now. My extreme dislike for the winter led me to choose a place which represents all that is not winter. It’s a warm place, I place I can kick off my shoes and my giant fluffy coat and cuddle up and relax. This place, my perfect binary to winter, is my very own bed.

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Reading Piece

For the group activity I chose the paper that reads “READING PIECE: A group of players read aloud, from any text or texts, for a long while. Everyone reads at once. Continue until the activity has become something else.”

So, I got together with Sarah Baumann-Digges and Molly Mayfield from class and did just that and recorded the experience. You can watch the video of us reading our texts here.

We discussed what we thought about the activity and decided that it says a lot about communication and the construction/obstruction of meaning. We were each reading our own passages of completely different texts. I was reading the intro to one of my ethics books, Sarah was reading one of her art history textbooks and Molly was reading part of a novel that she has. But when we were all reading aloud at once you couldn’t really understand any of it. I could barely comprehend my own words while there was so much going on. It sort of relates to class in the way that our objects each had great value to ourselves but when you look at them all piled on a table it would probably look like a pile of junk. In both situations, looking at the specific context proves to be important in creating meaning.


For my individual activity I chose the one that reads “MEASUREMENTS: Make many measurements of many kinds on many subjects. Use all sorts of measuring tools and a wide range of precision and accuracy. Measure with and without purpose. Record most of your findings, completely and incompletely.”

I chose this activity because it is not too specific on how I have to do the activity and I like the freedom. I decided to collect “many subjects” from my room (mostly due to the blizzard outside). I have plenty of different sized objects especially from collecting objects for the other class. I laid them all out and started brainstorming all the different ways I could measure them. IMG_0295I first used the straight forward method of measuring by using a ruler to record the height, length and width in inches. This was complicated considering none of the objects were rectangular prisms, So, I chose to record the widest point for each side. Below are the finished measurements. (measurements were made of the object as it is when sitting on the surface.) Read More


My snow globes acted as an interesting way to explore the idea of “suspension in time”, but I wanted to push this idea further and make it clear that that’s what I wanted to convey. I started by thinking of the line as a whole and how it is or isn’t suspended in time. I looked at the history of the aerial view of the line using Google Earth. As you can see,things like buildings and trees change, but the most noticeable change is the apparent improvement in the photographs as the technology advanced in time. In order, the photographs go 1994, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2013

4 21 1994 the line.jpg7 29 2003 the line.jpg11 24 2006 the line.jpg5 30 2007 the line.jpg9 5 2009 the line.jpg9 16 2013 the line.jpg Read More